Lewisville Lawn Care & Maintenance

“You do life, we’ll do the lawn.” We offer weekly or biweekly lawn mowing services as well as shrub trimming, bed maintenance and custom lawn chemical plans.

Here at Impact Landscapes, our goal is to take care of the lawn so you can live your life. There’s no reason for you to add yet another item to your to-do list, so we take the stress out of regular Lewisville lawn care. We can provide a variety of lawn care and maintenance services to keep your lawn and landscaping healthy, beautiful, and in the best shape possible. Here are some things we keep in mind when providing you with exceptional Lewisville lawn care.

Best Mowing Practices

Most people are aware of how important mowing is to the health of their lawn. Regular mowing and Lewisville lawn care will help your yard absorb nutrients more evenly and appear more beautiful all year round. Regular mowing also decreases the number of pests in your yard, as well as minimizing the appearance of many types of weeds. We have some of the most high-tech landscaping equipment, including professional grade mowers that can be adjusted to meet each individual yard’s requirements. The type of mower used, the health of the lawnmower, and the height of the mower blades can all affect the overall appearance and health of your lawn. We take care of all those details so you don’t have to worry about them.

Trimming and Pruning

While trimming large bushes may not be too difficult a task, pruning is often overlooked and neglected by homeowners due to its intimidation factor. Pruning is an art, and most inexperienced people do not know how to prune correctly. At Impact Landscapes, we carefully schedule pruning to match up with each plants best pruning time and your regular Lewisville lawn care schedule, and we precisely remove just the right amount of your plants to increase their health and make them thicker, fuller, and more beautiful.

Bed Maintenance

While flower beds generally don’t take much maintenance week by week, they do require some extensive clean up a few times a year, and doing the weekly maintenance will only help to make those larger clean ups less difficult. Impact Landscapes’ experts are happy to perform both yearlong maintenance and larger bed maintenance projects as part of your regular Lewisville lawn care, including removing dead or dying plants and flowers, and disbudding or shearing your plants for a more specific look when they bloom.

Custom Lawn Chemical Plans

Your Lewisville lawn care plan may include a custom lawn chemical plan. Lawn chemicals are typically used to control insects, weeds, and other organisms that may cause plant or grass diseases. Our lawn chemicals can help to fertilize your lawn and help it grow and maintain health to the best of its ability. You can speak with one of our experts and set up a plan to have lawn chemicals applied to your yard consistently throughout the year.

Impact Landscapes is a leader in Lewisville lawn care and maintenance. We are proud to provide our customers with the best lawn care practices in the business, and we know you’ll be more than happy with our services. You do life, we’ll do the lawn.

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