Lawn Care in Texas in Spring: 5 Things to Avoid

When you love your lawn, you do everything you can to protect it. You take care in each little task, and you’re always seeking new advice to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to keep it lush, healthy, and beautiful. After all, your lawn adds value to your home and can be turned into a private oasis for you to relax in. Here are a few things that you should avoid when you are executing lawn care in Texas in the Spring.

Cutting Grass Too Short

Some people refer to cutting grass too short as “scalping your lawn.” And this practice doesn’t give the grass the opportunity to develop deep roots that will give it that lush and thick feel and look. We all love walking through the grass in our bare feet, and when you allow the roots to get really below the surface, you’ll love the way it feels in between your toes, as well as they way it appeals to the eyes.

Cutting Grass When It’s Wet

There are some people who love to get out and mow their lawn when it’s still moist from the morning dew or after it rains, but the best time to cut grass is when it’s dry. If there has been a lot of rain when performing lawn care in Texas in spring, it’s better to cut grass wet than to let it overgrow. However, do your best to cut your yard to the appropriate length when the weather is dry.

Mowing with an Old or Blunt Blade

When you mow with a blade that is sharp and cuts in a precise way, you won’t have to worry about the grass losing water. However, when the blade in your lawn mower is dull, you’ll compromise the health of the lawn because there will be a much higher risk of water and nutrient loss. Take the time now to find a shop that sells lawn mowers and find out if they sharpen blades. Once you find a place, make a note that before you start your lawn care in Texas in Spring, you’ll run your mower over to the shop and have the blades sharpened.

Starting the First Day the Weather Is Nice

When that first beautiful day comes out, you might want to crank up the lawn mower and get going on your lawn care in Texas in Spring. However, before you start waking up your yard, there are a few other things that you can get started on, like making a plan for fertilization, irrigation, cleaning up after the winter,  and making sure all of your equipment is good to go. Let your lawn wake up to spring naturally, and you’ll get better results in the summer time.

Skipping a Soil Test

Spring is the perfect time to get a soil test, which will help you to know what nutrients are lacking so you can start the process of restoring them. Understanding your soil is extremely beneficial to the health of your lawn. If you aren’t sure what steps to take in the spring, you can always call in the experts to help get you started. This will ensure your lawn will be ready for the hot summer months.

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