Why Landscaping in Texas Is Unique

Texas is a state with many different environments and types of terrain. This makes it the perfect canvas for the landscaper with an eye for design. You have pine forests to the east, grasslands to the north, deserts to the west, and rolling hills in the middle. Every part of the state presents possibilities to be creative with landscaping in TX. Here are the reasons why landscaping in Texas is unlike any other state.

Types of Soil

The type of soil in an area determines what types of plants do well and what type do not. If you are in east Texas you will find the soil to be sandy and favor plants that need acidic soil to survive. You will also find clay soil in Texas as well as red dirt to the west. Landscaping in Texas is quite unique because of the different soil types throughout the state. It’s important to understand what types of plants are native to your environment and which are not.

Natural Surroundings

It is important to take notice of the natural setting of the area you are considering having landscape work done. You will want to design your landscape so that it fits into the natural surroundings of your home. A landscape design in west Texas may look out of place when in east or north Texas. At Impact Landscapes we understand your unique needs and will make sure that your landscape design is uniquely designed to fit in your home’s natural setting.

Native Trees

Another important consideration to make is what types of trees naturally do well in your environment. If you were to plant a pine tree in the west Texas desert it would not sprout. Just like you would not plant a cactus in the swamp. You will want to choose plants and trees that natively grow in your area to ensure that they live a long and healthy life.


You will want to consider any wildlife that may be affected by your new landscape design. The last thing you want to do is create a home for an unwanted rodent. At the same time, you can also take into consideration wildlife that you want to attract. For example, you could plant a butterfly garden or plants to attract certain types of birds. You could even plant a bee bush to help encourage bee’s population growth.

No matter where you live in the state of Texas, landscape design is something that can transform your home for the better. You have the opportunity to create your own design that fits into your natural surroundings and even attract a certain type of wildlife. Each environment in Texas presents its own unique opportunities for landscaping in Texas. No environment is better than the other, each one has the potential to produce high-quality landscape designs. If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced landscape design company, then consider Impact Landscapes for your landscape design needs in Texas.

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