How to Improve Your Landscaping & Curb Appeal This Winter

It can be easy to ignore your landscaping in winter in Texas. After all, there is a lot to do in the winter between rushing around for the holidays, the kids are on a break from school, and your whole family seems to be in town. However, don’t think that you don’t have time to do a few things to your landscaping this winter in Texas. Here are a few tips for improving your landscaping and curb appeal this season that won’t take up a lot of time.

Add Some Accent Colors

There are a lot of ways to add accent colors to your home’s look without a lot of work. Some people choose to paint their door a vibrant color, while others prefer to paint a bench or chair that occupies the porch. If you don’t want to have to paint anything, then you can always buy a few large and decorative pots to put an evergreen in. You can place these on each side of your door, at the base of steps, or in areas that offer symmetry to the front of your house. Additionally, adding seasonal, colorful plants to your landscaping is an easy and effective solution.

Add Mulch

This is an easy and important task that some of us often forget about. We let nature run its course and it dries out and blows away the mulch we have around our trees and in our flowerbeds. Take the time to mulch your landscaping and you’ll be impressed with the improvement you make on your curb appeal this winter. Plus, you have the bonus that it helps protect your plants from the cold weather.

Clean It

Don’t forget your basics like keeping your sidewalk and patio swept and clean. Make sure all of the edges are visible and you can see the clear line that separates stones, paths, sidewalks, and other walkways from the grass and mulch. This adds depth and simplicity to your landscaping in Texas, and allows people to see the fluidity of your lawn, not the confusion of it.

Hire a Landscaping Professional

If you are thinking of selling your house this winter or in the spring, having beautiful curb appeal is a must. It not only adds a great deal of value to your home, but it brings more viewings. The first thing people often do before making an appointment to view a home is drive by it. This way they can check out the surroundings and they have good idea of how the inside of the home is cared for. When you want the best curb appeal for your home, hiring a landscaping professional is your best solution. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home but simply want to keep it looking great all year round, hiring a landscaping professional is the best solution. Impact Landscapes will keep your landscaping in tip top shape no matter the season.

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