5 Ways to Prepare for Lawn Care in Texas in Winter

When you want your lawn to look its very best all year long, you probably follow a few guidelines for lawn care in Texas in winter. While you won’t have to do as much work to get the winter landscape that you want compared to summer, there are still a few things you must do. Here are five ways to prepare for lawn care in Texas in winter so you get to enjoy your yard even when the temperature drops.

Encourage Root Growth

Be sure that once you cut your grass that final time before winter comes, you’ve done everything you can to encourage root growth throughout the winter. You want the length of the grass to be a little taller to protect the roots, and you should also have the proper amount of fertilizer applied. This will generally be done in the late fall and early spring to promote healthy roots and fast recovery times after the cold weather.

Don’t Overwater

Your grass will not need to be watered as much in the winter because it will not be as active as it is in the summer. While you want to encourage root growth, you also have to treat your lawn as a hibernating bear when the weather gets frigid. Just relax and enjoy being inside, and don’t worry too much about lawn care in Texas in winter.

Plant Winter Grass

Many people in Texas think of Ryegrass when they think of a winter grass. This particular style of grass does well in cooler regions. However, be sure you do all of your research before incorporating ryegrass in your winter landscape design since it will make a difference in how your summer grass pulls through when it gets warm. It may also mean that you’ll need to get out the lawnmower this winter if the grass thrives. If you have questions or concerns, call your local landscaper and see how they can help ensure your lawn stays healthy this winter.

Watch Your Weeds

Yep, weeds can still be around in the winter, so be sure that you pay close attention. You can use the old-fashioned method of pulling or digging them out, root and all. Or you can apply herbicide to the spot. Be sure that it isn’t too cold for the herbicide though because you generally want to use these on warmer days. By actively removing weeds in the winter, you’ll enhance the way your grass will look when the spring comes around.

Get an Expert on Your Side

If you have a few ideas of how you should handle lawn care in Texas in winter, but still aren’t quite sure you are doing the best practices for your landscape, contact an expert to help you out. They can assess your particular needs and get you going in the right direction so your lawn stays healthy as the temperatures change.

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